I have a decade of experience writing, editing, and creating in artistic, academic, journalistic, and public relations settings. Beyond music composition, my creative work encompasses a variety of skill sets.


I’ve written magazine articles, press releases, interviews, blog posts, reports, and more.


I’ve edited across industries and writing styles.

Creative Ideation

I’ve composed music and developed creative ideas in a variety of media.

Web Development

I’ve developed websites using WordPress, Woocommerce, Drupal, HTML, and CSS.

Typesetting & Copyfitting

I’ve worked on books, magazines, posters, sheet music, and more.

Social Media

I’ve developed content for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, and other platforms.

“I came to trust and rely on Joseph’s exceptional attention to detail. He saved our work and reputation many times by catching errors that had been missed by others. . . . He is a person I would always want to have on my team.”

— Yvette Arts, Former Assistant Dean—External Relations, BYU College of Fine Arts and Communications

“He has taken articles with which I was fairly comfortable and turned them into pieces of pride. . . . His edits have always been thoughtful, and when he has added content, he matches my style effortlessly.”

—Sarah Hill, Freelance Writer


I began my creative life drawing cars and gas stations, filming claymation videos, and programming video games for MS-DOS and 8-bit Atari computers.

By high school, music had become my primary creative outlet. As a teenage violinist, I listened constantly to NPR orchestral broadcasts and soundtracks by John Williams. Surrounded by these sounds, I wanted to make more of them, leading me to complete a PhD in Music Composition and Theory at Brandeis University.

Along with studying music, I minored in editing as an undergraduate at Brigham Young University. I have applied my editing and creative skills to a variety of projects and jobs since. My portfolio includes work for museums, colleges, musicians, travel magazines, and arts organizations.

One of my favorite projects was designing and co-teaching the course “Star Wars: How Long Ago? How Far Away?” at Tufts University. I loved how the course applied my academic training to movies I and my students loved, allowing us to engage in timely, real-world conversations.

In my free time, I enjoy distance running and mastering the finer points of Tecmo Super Bowl.

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I am proud to have worked for the following organizations, among others.


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I am available for freelance projects in editing, writing, and other creative pursuits. Feel free to contact me with your inquiry today.



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