[Encyclopedia Entry] Lansing McLoskey

I wrote three biographical entries for the Center for Latter-Day Saint Arts’s Encyclopedia using existing materials and original interviews. The entry for Lansing McLoskey exemplifies that work:

McLoskey was born to Robert and JoAnn McLoskey in 1964. Growing up in Cupertino, California, Lansing came from a musical family. His mother played piano, his father played saxophone, and his grandfather, Illinois congressman Robert T. McLoskey, played violin in a regional orchestra.

As a teenager, McLoskey learned to play piano, guitar, and saxophone. He started writing rock songs at 14, after purchasing an electric guitar and distortion box from a flea market. Although his tastes were eclectic, he found himself drawn to music outside the mainstream, including art/prog rock and punk rock. He played in several punk, surf, goth-dance, and experimental bands in high school and college, including The Suburban Lemmings, The Minority, The Bruces, Spangled Blew, and a “punk opera” project he co-wrote, called “Stanly in the Sewer.”

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