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[Design and Editing] BEAMSfest 2018

I managed publications for Brandeis University’s BEAMSfest2018, a three-day, national academic festival hosting 100 attendees. This project included designing the festival poster and postcard distributed to 500 people. It also involved compiling bios, concert programs, and advertisements from 40 participants; editing copy; and designing the 44-page program booklet.

Festival Program

Festival Poster

Festival Postcard

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[Design and Editing] Stowaway Fall 2010

As senior designer for Stowaway magazine’s Fall 2010 issue, I proposed the basic grid for the magazine’s design; designed the table of contents, the culture spread, a feature article, and an ad for the magazine’s website; did copyfitting and helped ensure coherency of design throughout the magazine; and helped with miscellaneous writing and editing throughout the magazine.

Extended Portfolio

The following is a longer collection of my editing and writing work. Learn more at LinkedIn.




The Art of Transformation: The Heraclitian Form of Thomas Adès’s Tevotas a Critical Lens for the Symphonic Tradition
My dissertation paper applies Heraclitus’s philosophical ideas to analyze Thomas Adès’s Tevotand contextualize Adès’s conception of and contribution to the symphonic genre

Music Theory for the Twentieth-First Century: James Tenney’s Meta-Hodos
I wrote this term paper written for my contemporary music seminar. It presents the basics of Tenney’s theory of temporal gestalt perception in music and argues for its more widespread use.

The State of Scholarly Research on Harrison Birtwistle
This article surveys the existing scholarly work on the composer and includes a comprehensive list of articles, books, dissertations, and interviews. It appeared in vol. 48 no. 2 of Brio, pp. 22–37.

‘Sweet as!’: the intensifier as in New Zealand and Australian English
This article began its life as a term paper for a grammar class. After many revisions and the help of Dr. Don Chapman, it appears in vol. 25, no. 2 of English Today.

Temporal Gestalt Analysis and Principles of Form and Contrast in Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1
Another term paper on James Tenney’s Meta-Hodos, as applied to the music of Bach. The paper explores composition strategies revealed through a temporal gestalt analysis.


Alba, Orlando. La identidad lingüística de los dominicanos. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana: Ediciones Librería La Trinitaria, 2009.

Apolline Project vol. 1: Studies on Vesuvius’ North Slope and the Bay of Naples. Edited by Girolamo F. De Simone and Roger T. Macfarlane. Serie Beni Culturali 14. Rome: Herder, 2009.

Zion’s Trumpet: 1850 Welsh Mormon Periodical. Translated and edited by Ronald D. Dennis. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2011.


Magazine Stack

Life After Brahms: Learning to Live with the Classical Music of the Twentieth Century
This article originally appeared in Insight, the magazine of the BYU Honors Program. As a composer and the managing editor of that magazine, I felt it was a good place to introduce students interested in art to music with which they probably were not familiar.

Stowaway Magazine, Fall 2010 issue
As part of the capstone editing class, I worked as a senior designer for the Fall 2010 issue of Stowaway, a travel magazine. In addition to helped with the design, I also edited and proofread several of the articles.

Humanities at BYU, Winter and Spring 2009 issues
While interning at BYU’s Humanities Publication Center, I designed and typeset the College of Humanities magazine.


PR header

The following are articles that I wrote or edited while managing editor for public relations team of the BYU College of Fine Arts and Communications. My favorites are starred.


Recent alumna Woods Wins Concertmaster Position with Ballet West. CFAC Blog

BYU Students Shine in Annual Hearst Foundation Awards. CFAC Blog

BYU Singers Round Off Their Spring Tour with Rave Reviews. CFAC Blog

BYU Animation’s Latest Success: Jacob Wyatt and Metro. CFAC Blog

Think Flat Draws Biggest Crowd for an Exhibition Opening in Museum History. Museum of Art Blog

MOA Behind-the-Scenes Interviews,Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Museum of Art Blog

Eleven Teichert Paintings Donated to BYU Museum of Art. Museum of Art Blog

Object of Devotion Enters Its Final Week. Museum of Art Blog

Panel Discusses New Exhibition, Treasured Truths: Exploring the Bridges Between Faith, Art, and Life. Museum of Art Blog

8-bit Serendipity: Whiting Speaks on His Artistic Process and Growth. Museum of Art Blog

Party Like It’s 1399. Museum of Art Blog

Stanford Sets the Scene for Object of Devotion. Museum of Art Blog

Transcending the Complexities of Truth and Beauty. Museum of Art Blog


Building the Kingdom Through Today’s Communications, Bruce L. Olsen. CFAC Blog

CFAC Websites: CommunicationsDanceMusicTheatre and Media Arts (all permanent copy)

Fine Arts Convocation, Sara Lee Gibb. CFAC Blog

MOA Mail Newsletter. May 2012–April 2013

Timpanogos Through Telford’s Lens. Museum of Art Blog

Viewer Voices: Heech. Museum of Art Blog

Viewer Voices: In-Between Times and Maynard Dixon’s The Lonesome Journey. Museum of Art Blog

Viewer Voices: The Source of Our Flame. Museum of Art Blog

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